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Perspective Shift

Master Class

Learn How To

  • Navigate through difficult life circumstances 

  • Use past failures to catapult your success 

  • Focus your awareness for better results

  • Create specific and attainable goals 

  • Get out of your own way

  • Meditate for clarity and proper guidance

Topics Covered in the course include

  • Changing My Perspective 

  • Growing Through Failure 

  • Adjusting to Circumstances

  • The Power of Awareness  

  • Stillness is the Key

  • Dealing with The Others 

  • Being Goal Specific 

  • The Art of Allowing  


Provided with the Program

  • Changing #MyPerspective Book 

  • Guided Meditation Audio 

  • Access to Private Annual Growth Conference/Meetings

  • Advanced Copy of Watch It Unfold 


Total Cost $199.00

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