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The Story of Roddy Johnson


After a wrongful conviction and sentenced to death row for a double homicide, Roderick "Roddy” Johnson spent 24 tortuous years of a life sentence in the Pennsylvania prison system.  Although he has always maintained his innocence, his execution warrant was signed 4 times, and he was once 72 hours away from being executed. Roddy remembers the day vividly when the prison counselor asked him "what do you want us to do with your body?"

Without giving up hope he fought his way up to the supreme court, where he not only was able to prove his innocence with overwhelming evidence, he was also able to prove multiple instances of police corruption and legal misconduct on his case. On December 1, 2020 he was released from prison and his conviction was overturned.


Roddy is now looking to share his story as a public speaker touching on topics such as:

  • Finding your self-worth

  • Creating a mental space for success

  • Overcoming stressful situations

As the founded Innocent24 a non-profit advocacy group whose primary focus is to assist prisoners who have been falsely convicted for crimes they did not commit.  Innocent24 also campaigns for the abolishment of the Death Penalty. 

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